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Tutankhamun, his tomb and his treasures
Tutankhamun, his tomb and his treasures

The international exhibition, "Tutankhamun, his tomb and his treasures", is finally coming to Paris from 12 May to 1 September 2012. The Porte de Versailles will house life-size replicas of the treasures found in the famous pharaoh's tomb...
Through this exhibition, we shall discover Tutanhkamum's jewels, those that he chose to keep in his afterlife: almost 3 millennia later, these unique artefacts give us a greater insight into what life might have been like in Ancient Egypt.
Thus, the exhibition will display faithful replicas of three funerary chambers, with the help of reproductions of over 1,000 objects too precious to take out of Egypt: his golden chariot, his children's tomb, his throne and his death mask will be exhibited alongside a replica of his tomb, displayed in its entirety for this occasion!
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