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Oh what a circus! Chagall and Léger in the land of circles in action
Oh what a circus! Chagall and Léger in the land of circles in action

From Degas to Picasso, not to mention Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, Calder, Matisse and Rouault, the world of the circus has had a huge influence on avant-garde art since the Impressionists.
Despite their different approaches, Chagall and Léger both drew inspiration for many of their figures from the world of the circus. 
Based on the artists' books edited by Tériade and published by Éditions Verve, on Léger in 1950 and on Chagall in 1967, this exhibition contains a selection of preliminary sketches, preparatory gouache paintings, and handwritten or printed pages. Thanks to the original copy of the book "Cirque" ("Circus") donated to the museum by Alice Tériade, the editor's widow, in 1995, the Musée National Fernand Léger (Fernand Léger National Museum) is now able to display the complete work. This event provides visitors with the rare opportunity to admire a masterpiece of 20th century art bibliophilia. It is accompanied by an anthology of paintings, drawings and ceramics all inspired by the world of the circus, and originating from both the collection and various loans.
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