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Fernand Léger "Disques et sémaphores"
Fernand Léger "Disques et sémaphores"

"For me, the first rough creative draft, on canvas or on paper, is essentially instinctive. I make the first sketch almost with my eyes closed. Just like that; I sketch away. Suddenly an object or a memory pops up. I catch it - it can be anywhere, appearing on a table or on the road. It is in my head, I just get started and I begin to draw. I don't immediately work on canvas. I construct my work, study by study, piece by piece, as one would construct an engine or a house. For me, 80% is sure and 20% a surprise, and no more." (Les Lettres françaises, 1952). 
Léger Fernand (1881-1955)
Biot, musée national Fernand Léger
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