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Van Gogh - Artaud: The Man Suicided by Society
Van Gogh - Artaud: The Man Suicided by Society
This exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay from 11 March to 6 July provides an opportunity to rediscover, as part of a wider Van Gogh retrospective, Antonin Artaud's masterly text "The Man Suicided by Society", first published in 1947 under the guidance of gallery owner Pierre Loeb.

Reading this text is like an electric shock: a moving tribute to the many sufferings of the artist, and an unflinching testimony to the world of madness.

Antonin Artaud's extraordinary lucidity unites with that of Vincent Van Gogh: THE TORMENT OF CREATIVE SPIRITS.
"Sometimes it takes no more than this to drive one to suicide. There are days when the heart feels the deadlock so terribly that it takes it like a blow to the head with a piece of bamboo..."
Colomb Denise (1902-2004)
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