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Richard Strauss (1864-1949), 150th anniversary of his birth
Richard Strauss (1864-1949), 150th anniversary of his birth

German composer and orchestra conductor from the post-romantic period, Richard Strauss owes his fame to his operas. A contemporary and friend of Brahms, he was influenced by the classical and early romantic composers, although he only discovered Wagner and Liszt once his career was already established. Up to 1924, he conducted orchestras all over Europe, notably at the Berlin Opera then at the Vienna Opera, becoming friends with Gustav Mahler. In 1904, he composed Salomé, an opera based on Oscar Wilde's play, which gave him fortune and fame. He enjoyed a string of successes, each of his compositions an international and artistic social event that was not to be missed. After Hofmannstahl, Stefan Zweig wrote his librettos. The Nazi rise to power then forced Zweig to flee and Strauss would end up resigning his post at the Reich Music Chamber. In 1949, Strauss then passed away after a period of exile in Switzerland.
Salomon Erich (1886-1944)
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