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Roger Parry (1905-1977)
Roger Parry (1905-1977)

Roger Parry, born in 1905, a talented drawer, approached photography from the world of advertising and graphics. He worked with Maurice Tabard in the Deberny-Peignot studio, one of his most significant works being his illustrations in Banalité, a collection of poems written by Léon-Paul Fargue, published in 1930 by the NRF.
From 1931, Roger Parry travelled, first in Africa, then in Polynesia. He practised many forms of photography, including portraits, experiments, and of course reporting as a correspondent for the French news agency Agence France-Presse.
His friendship with André Malraux would lead to his becoming technical director of the Univers des Formes collection on behalf of the publishing house Gallimard.
A quiet man, his multi-contoured works are nonetheless representative of modernity in the photographic medium.
Roger Parry (1905-1977)
Paris, Centre Pompidou - Musée national d'art moderne - Centre de création industrielle
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