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Claude François (1939-1978)
Claude François (1939-1978)

Claude François was a popular singer, nicknamed Cloclo by his fans. In summer 1961 he arrived in Paris on the advice of Brigitte Bardot and Sacha Distel, whom he had had the good fortune to meet on the Côte-d'Azur. At the time, the radio programme "Salut les copains" was broadcasting American rock music over the national airwaves, and with it, twist and ye-ye’s [yeah yeah]. In 1962 his first single " Belles ! Belles ! Belles ! " was a phenomenal success. Several hits followed: "Si j'avais un marteau" [If I had a hammer], "Le téléphone pleure" [The telephone is crying], "Comme d'habitude" [As usual], "Alexandrie Alexandra" [Alexandria Alexandra] etc.
Claude François died at the age of 39. He left behind an American-style showbiz image, in particular because of his choreographic accompaniment with his Claudettes. 

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