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Exils, réminiscences et nouveaux mondes
Exils, réminiscences et nouveaux mondes

Exhibition from 24 June to 8 October 2012, Musées nationaux du XXe siècle des Alpes-Maritimes (National museums of the 20th century in the Alpes-Maritimes), Musée Chagall in Nice, Musée Léger in Biot, Musée Picasso in Vallauris. 

The essential experience of being in exile was one shared by Picasso, Chagall and Léger, albeit at different times in history, for different reasons, and with varying results. For Chagall and Picasso, who moved to fascinating turn-of-the-century Paris, it was a fundamental experience. For Léger, it was exile in the United States at the start of the Second World War the provided a similar stimulus.
Focusing on these three figures, this exhibition organised by the Musées nationaux du XXe siècle des Alpes-Maritimes aims to show how exile inspired many artists, particularly during the first half of the 20th century. Their journeys across the globe, whether enforced or made as a result of their own free will, certainly never left them indifferent. The vision of these artists was transformed and their creativity underwent profound changes. This exhibition shows how leaving their homeland had a great influence on these artists and their work. 

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Hélion Jean (1904-1987)
Beauvais, MUDO, musée de l'Oise
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