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What we cover

Each year, the photo agency carries out around 800 photo shoots at its partner museums, either in the exhibition halls or their storerooms. Our photographers take shots in over 40 institutions annually (including both national and regional museums) in order to address both the museum's conservation needs and the photo agency's customers' requirements.


The agency’s photographers have medium format Mamiya 645DF cameras with Leaf Credo 80 MP digital camera backs, the CCD sensors measuring 53.7 x 40.4 mm for images at 10320 x 7752 pixels. Schneider Kreuznach lenses are used, among others. The captures are sent directly to MacBook Pro laptops, and lighting is controlled using Profoto generators and flashes.

Our expertise with this equipment and our knowledge in shooting techniques enable the agency to guarantee the faithful photographic reproduction of all kinds of works:

- 2 dimensions (paintings, drawings) or 3 dimensions (sculptures, objets d’art, etc.)

- Complex material (crystal, metal, porcelain, etc.)

- Very large works of art (Giga files)

- Works of art that cannot be moved, with very restricted shooting conditions (specific production and post-production)

The development and post-production of the files is carried out using Mac Pro and LaCie or NEC screens. The files are stored in RAW or TIFF format.